We have been a regular and loyal cooperation partner and supplier to a number of companies in the automotive industry.

We are characterised by constantly optimised production of a particularly high and uniform quality and, given all the necessary certifications and a strong team of employees, we can work with processes suitable for, e.g. drive units such as small parts, engines and couplings in both passenger cars and lorries. We also develop safety components for gear and brake systems as well as injection nozzles and are an approved TIER1 supplier.



We work daily with custom geometries and develop workpieces that have a high strength and can tolerate high loads and constant wear.

A particular forte of ours is design of custom toothed wheels and spline geometries for, e.g. construction equipment, tractors, agricultural machinery and differential steering systems.



The products we develop for the power industry include, for example, near-net shape copper components that are both stable and durable and simultaneously have fine surfaces.

They are primarily intended for suppliers of high-voltage switches, and the process contributes to substantial material savings in the production stage itself.

We develop, e.g. near-net shape copper components for the power industry.


Food Products

We develop products in stainless steel with fine surfaces for a large number of companies in the food industry. These are primarily components like flanges, fittings, valves and cleaning nozzles.


We are also specialised in the development of products with magnetic properties for, e.g. loudspeakers.