DFT Presswork is a flexible, innovative and reliable subcontractor. Our organisationally-based risk management ensures 100 % integrity for our management systems under both anticipated and unanticipated operating conditions. We continuously evaluate customer satisfaction and other market conditions and implement activities that provide constant assurance of legal compliance, business continuity and profitable customer relationships. We are continuously working to improve our methods and processes, with a particular focus on defect prevention and reduction of process variation and wastage in the value chain. We are an action-oriented and quality-conscious company where the entire staff are motivated to show initiative and flexibility both individually and in cooperation with the management.

Environment and Occupational Safety and Health

We undertake to continuously maintain and improve our environmental and occupational safety and health policy to ensure compliance with all relevant legal and other requirements we have pledged to abide by. We will set up an organisational framework that makes it possible to set up targets for our occupational safety and health and environment as well as monitor target achievement. The policy shall be well-suited to the risks affecting the company's employees and other interested parties, including the environment. We pledge to prevent injuries to people and damage to the environment and will seek to improve occupational safety and health and prevent pollution. Our policy will be documented, implemented and communicated to the employees and the general public. Our policy will be subject to constant scrutiny to ensure that it is always relevant and suitable for the company and its operations.


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