Here you can see a small selection of the jobs we have done over the years. What all products have in common is that they are all manufactured with an eye for optimisation. Some with optimisation of quality and precision, others with optimisation of material consumption and thereby also price.

Injection nozzle

The workpiece is made in ferritic stainless steel. The nozzle is cold formed according to ready dimensions, which leads to a very fine surface quality in the internal cone that corresponds to the effects of polishing. Cold forming also improves the strength of the internal cone. The workpiece is subsequently finished in a single operation at our fully automated CNC machines.

Oil preheater

The workpiece is cold-pressed in 6 consecutive operations with a subsequent side lock that generates a high strength in the tube. Fine surface of the inner bearing surface. The manufacturing process has led to material savings of 55 % compared to the previous production process.

Contact surface in copper

Manufactured as part of a 1-step cold extrusion process resulting in material savings  of 50 to 60% compared to chipping.

Gear wheel

Gear wheel in 20 MnCrS for mobile hydraulics. Manufactured in a single operation resulting in tolerance class ISO 1328 This process leads to significantly higher strength than compared to conventional methods of production. Class 8 toothing internally.

Engine shaft for mobile hydraulics

Manufactured by means of 2 cold forging operations resulting in toothing with a blind hole with a high strength and fine tolerances. The workpiece used to be produced as two parts which were subsequently welded.

Cup in DD15 for loudspeaker in passenger cars

The workpiece is manufactured through a combination of deep drawing and fine blanking that produces a high level of uniformity.


Manufactured through a combination of cold forging and fine blanking. Very high material savings and such fine tolerances that it is ready for immediate assembly.