Turnkey Contractor

We are observing an upturn in demand for finished components, which is why we offer a wide range of both products and processes.

The services we provide in-house include mechanical working such as grinding, deburring, drilling, turning, milling, i.e. everything in the area of conventional machining. We also offer automatic assembly lines and custom washing. There are also a number of services we provide thanks to our cooperation with subcontractors, e.g. surface coating and tempering. We are equipped with high-yield automatic standalone machines as well as interconnected production lines, which allows us to produce large volumes with the same high quality level at all times.

DFT Presswork has the technology, organisation and know-how required to provide services as a turnkey contractor, i.e. we can take over the entire process from idea to delivery of finished goods. 

The processes we provide include, e.g. material analyses, calculations, production maturing, tempering, machining, surface treatment, labelling, packaging, etc...